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Zozu Project

Zozu breaks the cycle of extreme poverty by partnering with local African leaders to provide hope, education, and economic opportunity. With a focus on child sponsorship we designed a site that highlights the vision and impact that Zozu is making while inviting people to be part of a life-changing story.


Brand Strategy, Web Design

Zozu web page example copy.jpg

We always put the children first.

This is Zozu's stewardship promise and it became part of our core strategy when designing the site. With a focus on authentic images that capture attention, aligned with clear examples of their vision in action, our goal was to convert viewers into sponsors.

zozu kid 1 copy.jpg
zozu phone example copy.jpg

"Zozu" means thrive

With quick facts on the home page, and highlighting stories of life change, we connect those who want to help with those who need help.

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zozu home page 2 copy.jpg
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