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Vivant Fine Cheese

As the premier purveyor of gourmet cheese on the Central Coast, we helped Vivant develop a visual identity that reflected their passion for cheese and the unique varieties they offer for every cheese lover. Through their website and social media platforms we showcase centuries-old creamery traditions along with newer bold innovations.


Web Design, Social Media, Photography


No cheesy caption necessary

With over 150 varieties of cheese, we highlight fan favorites, while educating people about new cheeses. Located in Paso Robles Wine Country, we recommend wine pairings with their charcuterie boards. We lean heavily on the visual aspects of their products paired with creative storytelling to elevate brand awareness and increase sales.

Great design begins with an even better story

Our goal was to create a website that showcased the gourmet and specialty cheeses while keeping the interface simple enough to not overload viewers with information. With a focus on mouth-watering pictures and clean lines, each page was designed to both educate and inspire people towards a delicious purchase.

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