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Paso Market Walk

As a perfect stopping point along the 101 for the Central Coast traveler and a walkable, family-friendly neighborhood destination, Paso Market Walk offers a gracious experience steeped in the local culture of Paso Robles. The challenge was to establish itself as a must-visit destination in Paso Robles, appealing to Central Coast travelers and locals alike.


Brand Identity, Brand Management, Web Design, SEO, Photography

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The distinctive flavor of the Central Coast

For this Paso Robles project, we developed a distinctive brand identity that captures the essence of the region—modern yet familiar. We crafted a logo and built a dynamic website that highlights the local food and wine scene's emerging stars. The site serves as a central hub for celebrating the innovative spirit of this reimagined farmer's market.

Our brand management and targeted marketing strategies, bolstered by effective SEO, have led to a 300% increase in online visits and a 200% increase for in-person visits, establishing it as a top destination in Paso Robles for locals and tourists alike. This project has not only boosted the client's visibility but has also firmly established their spot as a must-visit location.

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